Smart Network Noise Loggers

by Admin

El Paso Water is on the hunt – for leaks. Since 2004, EPWater has purchased and installed thousands of sensors to track down leaks and make repairs before a main break can occur. With more than 2,600 miles of water distribution lines, the sensors, known as loggers, have proven to be a valuable asset in maintaining lines and improving the reliability of water service. In the past four years, EPWater saved an estimated 183 million gallons of water thanks to the technology.
“We have 12,000 of these loggers that are deployed around the city,” said Angel Bustamante, water systems division manager for EPWater. “In the street there are a series of valve boxes that can be opened; you simply magnetically attach a logger on top of the operating unit, and then close it, and it does its job.” The waterproof loggers are programmed to “listen” for frequencies and decibels specific to leaks in all types of water lines. The contractor will investigate further with headphones and a well-practiced ear to confirm the leak at the site. “It sounds a little bit between a mix of a humming noise and a running water kind of noise,” explained Bustamante.

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