The new correlator Correlux C-3 sets standards!

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The new development from SebaKMT locates leakages precisely and under all conditions

The Correlux C-3 is suitable for both immediate measurement (online) as well as night measurement (offline). If the measuring point is easily accessible and is not in a danger area, then online measurement comes into effect. Power transmitters are deployed in this case (transmitter and microphone). These transmit the live signal directly to the correlator and you receive the result immediately. However, if the measuring point is in an area which is difficult to access or if there is lots of interference, then you have the option to conduct an offline measurement using the power transmitters or up to 8 multi-sensors. The multi-sensors are programmed accordingly with the correlator and then deployed. Following the measurement the power transmitters and multi-sensors are collected in and the data can be read and evaluated by the correlator. With the aid of pinpoint location you can now determine the exact position of the leak, either with the multi-sensors or with a PAM W-2 ground microphone. Both options can be carried out using the Correlux C-3; no other devices are needed. The correlator housing is light and easy to handle. The touch display also makes it easier to use and improves the readability. The system is charged in the transport case supplied using wireless inductive charging. This means that only one charging cable is needed for the complete charging of all devices.

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