Portafolio de productos

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  • SebaFlow

    Permanent district metering (DMA) with non-invasive ultrasound

  • HL 7000

    Electroacoustic leak detection with ground microphone, sensor rod and tracer gas

  • Pressure Spy

    Digital AMR/AMI - Pressure Logger

  • Leak Spy

    Digital AMR/AMI - Noise Logger

  • Sebalog D-3

    Pressure and flow rate data loggers with GSM/ GPRS

  • HL 50-BT

    Hand-held leak locator with integrated and external sensor

  • Correlux C-3

    Hybrid correlator for real-time and recorded measurements

  • Sebalog N-3

    Remote Monitoring, Patrol, Lift & Shift leak sound loggers

  • GT3-S

    Permanent monitoring system for pipelines

  • UDM 300

    Advanced ultrasonic technology for mobile flow measurements

  • Hydrolux HL 5000

    Devices for acoustic water leak location with DSA technology

  • PAM-Hydro-3

    Hydrophone for trunk mains and plastic pipes