Product portfolio

  • HL 7000

    Elektro akustički prislušni uređaj za detekciju curenja vode sa mikrofonima ili senzorom za gas

  • Sebalog D-3

    Pressure and flow rate data loggers with GPRS

  • HL 50-BT

    Hand-held leak locator with integrated sensor

  • Correlux C-3 HL

    Modern ground-borne sound microphone and C-3 hybrid correlator in one

  • Correlux C-3

    Hybrid correlator for online and offline measurements

  • Sebalog N-3 network

    Automatic leak location - correlating noise logger network

  • Sebalog N-3

    Network-compatible noise level and frequency loggers

  • UDM 300

    Advanced ultrasonic technology for mobile flow measurements

  • TDM 300

    Portable system for quick and exact flow measurement

  • Sebalog P-3-Mini

    Small logger for pressure monitoring and pressure surge recording

  • SebaFlow

    Continuous zone monitoring and flow measurement with ultrasonics

  • PAM T-3-1

    Listening stick with piezo-microphone for HL 50 or HL 500/5000