Reliable. For over 60 years.

SebaKMT is a leader for innovative water monitoring solutions and leak pin-pointing products. For over 60 years SebaKMT has been a reliable partner to many customers throughout the world.

The easy to use and well-designed products convince with accuracy and ruggedness. Best rated customer support within the leak monitoring and leak detection industry is the result of a very well spread out international sales and support network.


Water leak detection

To prevent major damage to any water system long term and often quick action are required. The simple to use SebaKMT product line will help you to strike with confidence in leak prevention as well as leak pin-pointing.

Non-metallic pipes and leak detection

To locate non-metallic water pipes like plastic and AC pipes, SebaKMT offers a product range with passive and active location equipment. Pipe knocker (RSP-3), Ground microphone (HL 5000) or the only combined acoustic and tracer gas sniffer (HL 5000 H2) can help you win this battle. Our tight sales and support network allows to handle any situation.