Sebalog N-3

Network-compatible noise level and frequency loggers for acoustic zone monitoring

Special features:

  • Audible and visual leak detection
  • Stores noise level and frequency
  • Audio data recorded directly in the logger
  • History function and comparison of measured data
  • Real-time measurements
  • TNC version with external antenna available
  • N-3-Hydro for use with hydrophones 

Permanent pipe network monitoring is becoming an integral part of drinking water supply. Water shortages, the IoT and growing population drive the increased demand for remote monitoring equipment. The N-3 system is able to be used as Lift & Shift, patrol and mobile remote network for transmitting measured acoustic leak data remotely to a control room by means of a special developed network system.

The combination of reliable remote data transfer with highly accurate GPS time stamp and professional cloud software enables any decision maker to target leak areas within 24 hours and also helps to prioritize by leak size. This unique leak detection method saves precious time and money.

User manual

Firmware LOG CDR-3-1 (only for touch screen display)

Version 4.008 (frequency 913 MHz) (1.3 MB)

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