PC Software

HydroluxView HL 7000

Version 1.1.0 (32.0 MB)

CorreluxView C-3/300

Version 1.5.3 (82.0 MB)

Previous Correlux Versions

Version 3.33 (PC) (8.3 MB)

Sebalog Corr

Version 1.54 (7.9 MB)


Version 0.2 (49.6 MB)

UDM 300 FluxData

Version 4.16 (4.7 MB)

Firmware HLE 7000

V 1.8.0 (22.7 MB)

Note CS-7!
CS-7 are shipped from the factory with firmware V001.001.001. Update will be posted here when available.
No update available at the moment.

Firmware LOG CDR-3-1 (only for touch screen display)

Version 4.008 (frequency 913 MHz) (1.3 MB)

Firmware LOG D-3, SebaFlow, TDM 300

Version 1.05.02 (frequency 913 MHz) (375.8 KB)
Information web software SebaCloud

SebaCloud Websoftware

SebaCloudTM is the web software of SebaKMT and it provides an overview of your entire network all the time, enabling you to view current and historical measurement data and track how the readings change over long periods. As well as this, you can save pipe network data, correlate measurement results and use network diagnostic functions.

With SebaCloudTM your data becomes mobile.
Using the web browser, you have constant access to exactly all the information and data you need:

  • Leak noises
  • Meter readings
  • Flow rate
  • Pressure ratios
  • Alarm messages